Monday, May 5, 2014

Mother's Day!!!!

Hey family!!!
Happy Mother's Day Mommy and Mikey!!!! It's so weird to think that it's already been a year since I skyped home to see you all! But, it has. Time passes by so quickly here. But, I hope it is an amazing day for each of you! Especially, mommy and mikey!! I can't wait to talk to you on Sunday!
This week has been crazy. New area...well old area, but here again. Everything is different. Literally everything. So, when I left this area last August, I didn't really think I would come back. But, here I am. Right after I left, the stake boundaries were changed and split, and this ward got about 10 new families. Then, with school starting up last September, another few families moved in. Little to say, I went to church yesterday and there were a lot of familiar faces, and a lot of not-so-familiar ones. haha I have a lot of work to do!
We are working hard to figure out what to do with our new call as Sister Trainer Leaders over the Spanish sisters. They are kinda using us as guinea pigs because they have never had this calling before. Probably because we cover the entire mission. But, it's going to be exciting! We have 5 companionships of sisters that we are in charge of, and they are in 3 different wards, and 3 different zones. haha So, we have been having a lot of fun this week trying to figure out which meetings we can get to.
Tuesday we had a zone DLC meeting with the zone leaders and district leaders and other sister trainer leaders. It was to talk about the zone mission and how we can work together to make our zone be unified and work hard. It's interesting how a lot of the things we need to help others fix is humility. It's when we aren't humble and don't have charity that we can't learn from our own mistakes or from others. So, hopefully I can continue working on that!
Wednesday we had district meetings to go to, and it was interesting to see just that. We can have the best training ever, but if the other missionaries decide that they don't want to use what they are learning, it will be meaningless. Luckily, I got to do role plays with a few missionaries that really want to progress, so it was awesome. I love getting new ideas from other people and seeing how I can improve my own teaching skills.
Thursday were more district meetings, and I wasn't feeling too great. So, I just observed others teaching, and it's interesting. When one person chooses to be strong and faithful, they have power. We truly are representatives of Jesus Christ. He loves us and is guiding us in everything we do, but only if we ask and seek for His help. I have been praying a lot for that help so that I can finish my mission strong. But, at times it's so discouraging. People slam the door, they try to convince you that when you study more you will leave the church. But, it doesn't matter what other people say. When we are truly converted, that is when we can work hard and be strengthened by our Savior.
Friday I went to my first MLC! It was so much fun. (Oh, mission leadership council) It was pretty awesome. We had trainings from the AP's and from President and Sister Toombs. They had trainings on how we can be more fully converted. President went to a Mission President's seminar last week, and he was teaching us the things that he had learned there. It was all on how to become more converted as missionaries to our Lord. It was really interesting though. I don't remember which apostle was speaking at the seminar, but he said that all the problems we have in missionary work and in the church would be fixed if people were truly converted to the gospel. Pretty strong request! But, it's so true. When we are seeking to be converted, we are seeking to be more like Christ.
This week, I went around working hard and meeting everyone they were teaching. It was so much fun! And, sad too. We had a lot of people drop us this week, but that just means that others are prepared. Felipe, a recent convert, blessed the sacrament on Sunday! And, he got up to bare his testimony too! It was so exciting! And, Mirari, another recent convert who I'm pretty sure I taught last year, said the closing prayer in Relief Society. It's great to see all the things that are happening and all the changes. I am excited to work hard and make a difference here! It helps that I already love everyone that I get to work with again. :)
Sorry this is soooo long. I started writing, then the computer kicked me off. So I started again, and it kicked me off again. So, this is the third attempt at finishing my email. haha Sorry, a bit scatter-brained. But, a week of lots of meetings and lots of working. It's been pretty great!
Well, I love you tons! Hope you have an amazing week. :) Hope everyone enjoys Mother's Day with your family this weekend!
Love you! 
Hermana Jessica Peterson