Monday, November 25, 2013

My Birthday?? Oh, yeah...that happened.

So, this week was my birthday, and it was fantastic! My companion would definitely not let me forget for even 2 minutes of my birthday. Every place we walked into, I got another present. I woke up and almost screamed....our whole room was filled with balloons. I'm not sure how that happened. I guess I sleep really well. haha :P There was a sign on the wall saying happy birthday that she had made with the elders and then my first present came in a Christmas stocking. I got one sock, and a cute headband she had crocheted for me :) Then, while I was studying, the doorbell rang was a package from UPS!! Woohoo thanks family! So, for the next little while, we had fun opening my presents and taking tons of pictures.

Thanks for all the fun treats! The bracelet, ring and necklace I wore all day as part of my new birthday outfit :) I loved it! And, the skirt and shirts are so cute!! Mikey, thanks for the bowl of candies too! It reminds me of walking into your room and always having a bowl of butterscotch candies! The avocadoes definitely made us laugh as well as the hummus, salsa and peanut butter. It took me a little to figure out what that actually was, but it's fantastic! I'm glad that I can feel like I am back home for a little bit to enjoy my birthday :)

We went out for lunch with our district to Panera Bread here and it was super fun! The elders wrote their names on the present Hna Jones brought in, and then snuck a pass-along card inside that said happy birthday. So, everything that I pulled out of course was from them...and it was hilarious! It was such a great day though! We went out for dinner with a family and I ordered Paella...I was kinda expecting something like uncle Rafa makes...but it was definitely different. All was super good until we pulled out an entire octopus. Yup, I guess you're supposed to eat the entire thing. Let's just say...I don't think I will ever put myself through that torture again! It was so rubbery and gross and I don't even know how to explain it! haha But, it was super funny. I'm still not sure how I convinced myself to even try it, but I guess there is a first for everything, and a last for those things that once is enough. :P

Afterwards, we went to a party at one of the families house's in the ward. It was their little boy's birthday too, so we went and crashed...haha ok, not really. We were supposed to have dinner with another family in the ward, but they were going to the party, so they invited us. So, they celebrated my birthday too with his, and I got an entire cake...just for myself, and another present and a card. It was super sweet of them! And, I got a remote control helicopter from one of the elders...the only problem is that I am sorta missing the remote. Maybe Christmas? haha And I got super comfy slipper moccasins too so I can wear them around :)

I'm sure there were a lot more things that happened, and some more random socks in there...a ball, and I don't even remember all of the random things I got, but it was great! Thanks everyone making it super special for me :)

Ok, so now onto the other miracles of the week! It was fantastic.

Wednesday was pretty much one of the best days ever. We got up super early and went to the temple, and then made our way home. It was so amazing, and we were able to just sit in the celestial room and think and talk about everything. I loved it! We went to teach a family and the mom wasn't home again. So, we talked to the kids outside...and the daughter started reading the Book of Mormon! She said that she wouldn't really read it at home, so she had asked if she was allowed to bring it to school. So, now she reads that during her reading time everyday. She was so excited to tell us all about it! Exciting! We were really tired that night and almost ready to go home when we decided to stop by a family we used to teach. Their light was on and the dad opened the door. He was super excited to see us and he had been reading the Book of Mormon and wanted one of his own along with his son. :) The work is definitely moving along in mysterious ways!

Saturday was our ward talent show and big Thanksgiving dinner :) It was fantastic! The missionaries opened the night with a parody on missionary work. It was hilarious! Some was real, some was really fake, but everyone got a really good laugh. Then we had some amazing talents! The young women did this sweet dance, and then there were two youth who are pretty much perfect at everything, and they danced together. It was the best thing ever! And, these two little cousins had a sweet little dance too :) It was so much fun!! So, I have decided that I need to learn how to dance...not just any kind of dancing, but true latino dancing. It's amazing and so beautiful! Plus, the whole food never ends....literally. There were about twice as many people in the gym than we usually have in church on Sundays, and they all ate a ton of food, plus tons of left-overs! It was crazy! But, it was fun to enjoy a nice dinner with everyone that I love :)

Sunday was a miracle day for sure! We had an appointment with a member who wanted us to visit her and introduce us to her daughter who is a less-active. Well, she didn't know where she lived, and her daughter didn't answer her phone, and the address we had in the ward list doesn't exist in my gps. Yup, that was fun. Good thing mom taught me really well how to read maps and figure out where places are even when you don't have good directions. So, I remembered where I had seen the street, then tried to put the numbers together so it made sense in my head and I started driving. About 20 minutes later, we were near another less-active, so we stopped by but no one was home. We kept driving down the street and found the apartment complex! After walking around a bit, we found the apartment, and right after knocking, her and her daughter came right up the stairs behind us! Timing from God! It was super fun. :) She wants to come back to church, but just needed someone to help out, and her daughter wants to be baptized, and she wants to teach her husband about the gospel. So, we are super excited to start teaching them! :)

This week has been full of miracles, just like the rest. We are trying to really find the elect that are ready to come unto Christ. It's amazing to see the results of things happening. I can't even believe that things are happening so quickly. I hit my half way mark this week, and I feel like I got here yesterday, but 9 months goes by so quickly!

I love you all :)
Go out and be a missionary.

Challenge for the week. Get a Book of Mormon, then pray about who you know that needs it in their life. Someone will come to your mind. Then write your testimony in the front and make the time to give it to them. You will change their life. Invite them to church and to listen to the missionaries. You never know how much you will influence someone else!

Love you all!

So, I was standing at the door Sunday greeting everyone as they walk in. It was great to see everyone come to church and to get the chance to say hi. Well, in walks now the Hermano Mejia! He served in our ward like 5 years ago...yup super funny. We both said hi, then just stared at each other for a minute because he looked super familiar. And, once I said I was from Chicago, everyone knows our family. haha But, I definitely remember when he was serving in the ward before I went off to college. But, he is married now and just moved into our ward last week! And, his wife is super sweet! :)

Hermana Jessica Peterson

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Monday, November 18, 2013

My lovely companion ...

Hey everyone!

So, I was deciding what would be a good name for this past week, and that's what I got. So, everyone knows how I really don't like it when everyone knows about my birthday and when people start talking about it. I'm fine the day of to have something small, but when everyone in the world knows that it's coming up, I feel all weird! I guess it's part of the whole not being able to accept compliments part of my life. And, it's probably something that I should get over too. haha For the last week, my companion has been telling everyone that we see that it's my birthday this week. That means that it gets talked about in every dinner appointment with members, and every other house that we visit. Yup, she is that crazy about birthdays.
I was trying to decided why it is that I have a really hard time taking compliments and also why I don't like people talking about me. I am more than happy giving other people compliments and also talking up what they are doing. But, when it comes to myself, I shy away. I guess it was a mix of things that happened. When I was really sick and battling with my cancer, a lot of things happened. I didn't feel like I was really worth anything, I didn't feel beautiful, and I didn't want anyone to say anything nice about me because I didn't believe it. It took a really long time, but over the years, I was able to get past those feelings, well some of them. And now I can see myself as a beautiful daughter of God and I know that He does love me. I guess I just needed to humble myself a little more and get past the physical obstructions in life and see what really does matter most. It's not on the outward appearance, but it's in the heart. (Read 1 Samuel 16:7) If I can keep telling that to other people, then I better find a good way to live the same way! :) So, I guess I will be okay that she is announcing to the world that my birthday is this week. haha
So, this week has been cold!!! Ok, so not really that cold, but we have been outside and walking a lot. We decided that we really need to get to know all the members on the list in our area...and that's a ton! We went through the lists and found almost 50 families that we have never even heard of their names before. It's super sad because we don't even know if they live there anymore. We can just pray that someone will find them if they don't live here anymore. :)
Saturday afternoon, we went out with our list and tried to find a few families that all lived in the same apartment complex. Once we spent a few minutes trying to figure out how the numbers actually worked in the apartment complex, we finally found the door...after a few more circles. We knocked on the first door and the family didn't live there, but another family just moved in and was in the middle of celebrating someone's birthday. So, we said hi, set up a return appointment with the family and left. In that short 5 minute conversation, I forgot his name...twice, and tried to shake his hand...twice which was covered in food and he didn't offer it. Yup, sometimes my little memory problems come in the way. Good thing God is always here to help! So, we will get to know them this week and see if they want to come closer to Christ through the Gospel.

We went on to knock another door...which a big black guy opened up. Hermana Hawkins was with us as well so that she could practice her spanish. It was her turn on the door. She said hola and started introducing us in spanish...yeah, he definitely doesn't speak spanish. haha That was interesting. But, he took a card with the english elder's number and accepted for us to send them to visit him! Then, there were two girls walking back into their apartment from the laundry and we said hi, but they quickly walked in and shut the door. The next number on the list was theirs. Yup, we walked right back over and knocked on their door. :) We started talking and they let us right in to leave a prayer with their home. The mom has been reading the bible recently and trying to understand it more. They want to join a church and need some direction in their lives. We left the prayer, talked about the Book of Mormon, shared our testimonies and left with a return appointment for this week. They speak english too and committed to going to church yesterday in the english ward. We gave the sisters a heads-up to look for them at church. Haven't heard anything yet, but hopefully they loved it!
Miracles are happening all around us. Make sure everyday to write down something in your journal, on a blog, somewhere...and write a tender mercy God has allowed you to witness during the day. It makes a difference. So, go out and be a missionary. Help someone to brighten their lives.
My quote (?) for the week...I"m not quite sure what to call it...
Our goal in life is to return to the presence of our Father in Heaven one day. When we get there, we are going to look around, and who do we want to see? Do we want to be there by ourselves, or do we want to be surrounded by our family, our friends, our colleagues, our neighbors? If we want to be surrounded by these people, we must help them to gain exaltation as well. We must invite them to learn about the gospel and to accept it in their lives. If the only way to God is through the strait and narrow path, then we must help all those we love get on that path and progress. So, go and help someone receive that exaltation too. Make sure you return to live with God, and all those people are right there with you. :) 

Scripture for the week! 
Read Alma 26. It's amazing! It is the reuniting of the sons of Mosiah and Alma the younger after the missions to the Lamanites. We need to be strong in the times of trials and always know that we have a second chance. :)

These are some of my favorite verses!
11 But Ammon said unto him: I do not aboast in my own strength, nor in my own wisdom; but behold, my bjoy is full, yea, my heart is brim with cjoy, and I will rejoice in my God. 12 Yea, I know that I am anothing; as to my strength I am weak; therefore I will bnot boast of myself, but I willcboast of my God, for in his dstrength I can do all ethings; yea, behold, many mighty miracles we have wrought in this land, for which we will praise his name forever.
 13 Behold, how many thousands of our brethren has he loosed from the pains of ahell; and they are brought tobsing redeeming love, and this because of the power of his word which is in us, therefore have we not great reason to rejoice?
 14 Yea, we have reason to praise him forever, for he is the Most High God, and has loosed our brethren from theachains of hell.
 15 Yea, they were encircled about with everlasting adarkness and destruction; but behold, he has brought them into his everlasting blight, yea, into everlasting salvation; and they are encircled about with the matchless bounty of his love; yea, and we have been instruments in his hands of doing this great and marvelous work.
 16 Therefore, let us aglory, yea, we will bglory in the Lord; yea, we will rejoice, for our joy is full; yea, we will praise our God forever. Behold, who can glory too much in the Lord? Yea, who can say too much of his great power, and of his cmercy, and of his long-suffering towards the children of men? Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel.
Hermana Jones and I at zone conference this week! So much fun :) 

And look who I found finally!!! Elder Linares :) Yup so excited to see him! I don't think I have seen him since we were dance partners back in youth conference like 4 years ago...yeah it's been a long time. But, it was great to see him again!

Love you tons!

Hermana Jessica Peterson

Monday, November 11, 2013

It's November, and I still don't believe it!

So, for our morning walks we are always talking, I'm running, and then we are singing. And now that it's past Thanksgiving, we are singing tons of Christmas songs. Which is definitely something I forgot! We don't have any Christmas music, so if someone wanted to send me a few songs that would be great! Oh, but that song was stuck in my head all morning and we couldn't remember the that's about the only part we sang...over and over and over again.

Yup, I still can't believe it's December! It's soooo crazy!!!

This week was amazing! We went to visit a recent convert family that hasn't been super consistent in coming to church and we weren't too sure why. The kids want to come, but it wasn't a huge priority for Maria. So, when we visited them this week, I talked to Maria about the importance of church and why she needs it every Sunday. And then Hna Jones talked to Beti who is turning 12 this week about the atonement and how God really does love her. They decided that they really do need to be at church and more involved in the Gospel in general. Hopefully we can get some other people involved in their progress as well :)

Wednesday was a day full of miracles...I can't even remember them all. But, we started out with some great studies that really helped us to prepare for the day spiritually and for our lessons. We had an amazing district meeting on how to become more purified and consecrated missionaries of the Lord. It was amazing. We went out and decided to change our plans a little bit. It was a holiday, so instead of going somewhere to serve, we decided we needed to go out and talk to the people. We ended up finding a few people that may be really interested in the Gospel. They want us to come back and teach them and we got to get to know some more areas too!  Then, that night we went to a member's home and met with one of their cousins who wants to learn about the gospel. Too bad she is only here for the weekend! But, she was soooo excited to read the Book of Mormon. then, that night we got a phone call late saying that Daniela was going to be baptized Saturday morning!!!!

Daniela before she got baptized
So, if anyone remembers about Daniela...I wrote about her a lot back at the very beginning of my mission. Well, she was an investigator in my last area that I taught with my trainer back in April and the beginning of May. She was super excited to be baptized, but she moved to Boston for the summer with her husband, who is a return missionary coming back to church too. So, she didn't get baptized then, and she left for months, and got back this week. She planned out her own baptism and got all the interviews done and was baptized Saturday morning!!! So, we got to see that and it was absolutely amazing :) It's so neat to see someone that you love so much take the steps necessary for her eternal salvation. Now, in a year, I can't wait to see her go through the temple to become an eternal family with her husband!!! So exciting :)

Thanksgiving was an incredible day full of service and fun. We started out painting our kitchen with Hno Garcia. He has been trying to get it done, but doesn't have much time when it's light enough to paint and the kids aren't running around with him. So, we got to work! It was super fun and went fast with 3 people. It definitely looks really nice now :)

We decided to stop by a bunch of families in the ward and share a special message about Thanksgiving with them. It was super fun to see them all and to share a short message and help them cook or get things cleaned up for their own Thanksgiving dinners! And, of course, we had to eat something at everyone's house too! They don't let us leave if we don't! haha But, it was fantastic. We had dinner at Hna Jones' aunt's house. She lives here close to our area, so we got permission to go there and enjoy a thanksgiving dinner in an American home. haha It was great! We had dinner, talked, played foosball, played piano, sang, and laughed for hours. It was so great!

This week has definitely been one to look back on my mission and everything that has happened so far. I hit my half way doesn't feel like I have been gone for 9 months already! But, I guess time really does fly by. But, there are things I definitely want to work on and improve. We are working as a district right now to find those things that are distracting us from the work, or that are leading us away from having the Spirit always with us. I have been making my list. Yesterday, we all fasted for this purpose, and now each day, we are to pray for the strength to put these things behind us. It's difficult, but I know it will help me to become a better person, more spiritually driven as a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ.

I hope that all of you this holiday season can go out and find those who need of your help. Help them spiritually, help them physically, but bring the holiday spirit into their life. It's amazing to see the difference that a little service can bring to someone. Share your testimony of the Savior's birth and His life. Invite someone to a Christmas party at church. Find ways to make this holiday season better than any other in the past.
I love you all! I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Hermana Jessica Peterson

And, the other is our adventure with the shirataki noodles we decided to try cooking...some olive oil, spices, cilantro, lime, corn...I'm not sure what else got thrown in there, but it was pretty great! David, you definitely would have approved this meal!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

Work, work, work!

So, this week has been fantastic!
First off, thanks for the package! It was so fun getting some things from the family this week :) It made my day!
And, transfers are next Monday! So, I'm pretty sure I'm staying here, but I guess anything can happen.
This week started out great! We got to go visit a lot of different families this week that we have been wanting to visit but were never home. When one appointment fell through, we just drove over to someone else's house and had an amazing lesson with them instead. It's so neat to see the hand of God working so directly with us here as missionaries.
We went to visit a less active Tuesday night and it was super fun! We decided that she needed some help in order to read the scriptures everyday, so we wrote a bunch of verses up on construction paper to put all over her house. It was super fun! After the lesson, we spent a few minutes putting them up all over so that she has something to start with. Hopefully that will get her excited to open the scriptures so that she can read the rest of the chapter too. :) We definitely have to get creative sometimes!
Halloween was an awesome day! We went and did some service over at Brent's Place which is always fun. We were cleaning and organizing things, and then borrowed a few games to play for that night. We went out to a few appointments and really enjoyed the time we had to visit with one less-active sister in the ward. She would be active, but her work doesn't allow her to miss Sundays...bummer! Then, we all met up at a member's house to play some games for a few hours after dinner. And, we got to pass out candy to the trick-or-treaters. It was pretty awesome! It was fun to see all the people dressed up for Halloween, and it was fun to dress up as much as we could while we still looked like missionaries. :) So...that consisted of ugly sweaters with our skirts and then our hair up. haha It was pretty awesome!
Saturday was an awesome experience all together. We had our studies early and were talking about the body and spirit. It is fun to find new things in the scriptures! We were studying about the soul, and how it is the combination of our spirit and body. Then, we were trying to understand the role our spirit has in our eternal life. It was interesting to see the differences we have in understanding when we have never really studied a subject out. But, because the scriptures are true and so is this Gospel, it will always answer our questions.  We started realizing the stories of prophets praying in the scriptures and how they prayed with all their 'soul.' That is pretty amazing! To know that they were praying with their spirit and their whole body. We have been talking a lot about prayer this week and it really is amazing. There is power behind every word that we say, and no matter what is on our mind, God already knows and wants to help us more and more each day!
All of our appointments cancelled on us Saturday night, so we decided to go and visit a family that we haven't gotten the chance to teach in awhile. It was already pretty late, but we went by to see how they were doing. As we walked in, all the kids came running up to see us! The mom was tired, but wanted us to stay as well. We ended up talking about the Book of Mormon and giving them a short lesson on 1 Nephi 1 and the plan of Salvation. They had so many questions! Some of their friends were over too, and we got to talk to the kids and gave the 11-year old daughter a Book of Mormon for herself and her mom as well! It was super exciting! Their family is amazing, and they are all so ready for the gospel in their lives and all the blessings that come from it. Hopefully we can help them to take the proper steps to do that as well. It just seems like some emergency always comes up at the last minute that doesn't allow them to go to church, so we are praying this week they will be able to!
Sunday was amazing! Fast Sunday is always one of the best experiences ever. There is so much strength in a prayer when we are fasting for a specific purpose. And, it's even better when I can actually fast! Woohoo for feeling better! :) But, I was thinking a lot about the power of prayer, and how it's always an act of faith. We need to pray with all sincerity and know that if we are doing the will of God, that those things will happen.
During Relief Society, we were talking about the importance of living up to our privileges and respecting and honoring the priesthood. I am so grateful for all of the worthy priesthood holders in my family and for all that they do for me! I can't even imagine growing up in a home without it. It is such a powerful gift of God that He gives to men so that they can bless people here on the earth. I love seeing worthy men being able to use their priesthood responsibility to bless the lives of those around me. Make sure that you always live up to that calling and responsibility that God has bestowed upon you! Be a strong priesthood leader in the Gospel and always remember the worth that you have in the sight of God!
So, there is this really cool story about prayer that totally changed my outlook on my own prayers! Read it, then make sure you aren't like this person too! I definitely have been way too many times in my life, and I want to change so that I can have more personal communication with my Father in Heaven. Make sure to really talk to him everyday, don't just make it a one-way conversation where we don't give him the chance to ever speak.
A Night-time Prayer,
Interrupted By God

My Dear Father in heaven........
Don't interrupt me..... I'm saying my prayers.....
     But you called My name.
Called you? I didn't call you! I'm just saying my prayers. Where was I? Oh, yes.... My Dear Father in heaven......
     There, you did it again.
Did what?
     Called my name. You said "My dear Father in Heaven". Here I am. What's on your mind?
I didn't mean anything by that; I was know, saying my prayers for the night. I always say my prayers--- it makes me feel good. Kind of like getting my duty done.
     Your duty? All right. Go ahead.
I'm thankful for my many blessings.....
      Hold on a minute there. How thankful are you?
      How thankful are you for your many blessings?
I'm ... well .... I don't know. How should I know? It's just part of the prayer. Everyone always said I should express my thanks.
      Oh. Well, you're welcome. Go ahead.
Go ahead?
      Yes. Go ahead with the prayer.
Okay....let's see.... Bless the poor and the sick and the needy and the afflicted.....
      Do you really mean that?
Well, sure I really mean it.
      What are you doing about it?
Who, me? What do you mean what am I doing? Nothing, I guess. I just think it would be nice if you got control of things down here, like you have up there, so people don't to have suffer so much.....
      Have I got control of you?
Well, I go to church.... I pay my tithes....
      That isn't what I asked you. I asked if I have control of you?
Well, sure.... I guess so....
      What about your temper? You have a real problem there, and your friends and family suffer from it. And then there's the way you spend your money so selfishly. And how about the kinds of books you read?
Stop picking on me! I'm just as good as some of those others I see in church every Sunday.
      Excuse me. I thought you were praying for me to bless the needy. If that is going to happen, I'll have to have help from those who are praying for it, like you.
Look, Father.... I need to finish up here. This is taking a lot longer than usual. Bless the missionaries to be led to the doors of the honest in heart....
      You mean someone like Ralph?
Ralph? Ralph who?
      Ralph---The guy around the corner.
Oh, that Ralph. But he smokes and drinks and never goes to church.
      Have you looked into his heart lately?
Of course not! How can I look into his heart?
      I can. I looked. His is one of those honest hearts you were just praying about.
Okay, well, then.... get the missionaries over there.
      Aren't YOU supposed to be a missionary? I thought I had made that pretty clear.
Hey, wait a minute! What is this, anyway? Criticize me day? Here I am, just trying to do my duty. And then all of the sudden you break in and start reminding me of all my faults.
      Well, you called me. And here I am. But go on, keep praying. I really like this next part. You haven't changed the order around, have you? Go ahead.
No, I don't want to.
      Why not?
Because I know what you'll say.
      Try me and see.
Okay, okay already! Please forgive me of all my sins, and help me to forgive others.
     What about Bill?
See, I knew you'd bring him up. Listen, Lord: he told all kinds of lies about me, and got me fired! All my co-workers think I'm a creep, and I didn't do anything! I'm going to get even with him!
      But what about your prayer? Didn't you just ask me to help you forgive others?
I didn't mean it!
      Well, at least you're being honest. I guess you just enjoy carrying that load of bitterness around, don't you?
No, I don't. But I'll feel better as soon as I get even with him.
     No, you won't. You'll feel worse. Listen to me: You forgive Bill, and I will forgive you.
But Lord, I can't forgive Bill!
      Then I can't forgive you.
No matter what?
      No matter what. But go on, you aren't finished with your prayer yet.
Oh, all right! Please help me control my feelings, and not give in to temptation....
      Good, good. I'll do all that. But you have to stop putting yourself in all those places where you can be tempted.
What do you mean by that?
      Quit hanging around the magazine racks and spending so much time in front of the tube! Some of that stuff is going to get you sooner or later. You'll find yourself in a mess before too long.... And don't use me for an escape hatch, either.
What do you mean, an escape hatch? I don't understand...
     Sure you do. You've done it lots of times..... You find yourself in a crisis, then you come running to me. You promise me, "Lord, help me out of this mess, and I promise I'll never do it again." It's really amazing how the quality and quantity of your prayers improves when you are in trouble. Do you remember some of those bargains you tried to make with me?
Well, no.... I don't think..... Oh, yeah, Like the time Mom's friend saw me coming out of that dirty movie?
      That's one. Do you remember your prayer? I do. You promised that if she didn't tell your Mom where you'd been, you'd go to nothing but "G" rated movies from then on. She didn't tell your Mom, but you didn't keep your promise, did you?
No, Lord. I didn't. I'm sorry.
      So am I. Now go ahead and finish your prayer.
Wait a minute. I have a question: Do you always listen to my prayers?
      Every word, every time.
Then how come you never talked to me before?
      How many chances have you ever given me to talk to you? There's not enough time between your "Amen" and your head hitting the pillow for me to get a word in edgewise. How am I supposed to give you an answer?
You could, if you really wanted to.
      No, I could, if YOU really wanted me to! My child, I always want to talk to you!
I'm sorry, Father. Will you forgive me?
      I already have. And thanks for letting me interrupt you tonight. I get lonely to talk to you sometimes. Goodnight, my child. I love you.
Good night, God. I love you, too.

Life isn't supposed to be easy. Christ was perfect, and His life was anything but easy. But, our life will be worth it. It will help us to grow, and if we choose, it will be amazing and full of joy! But, it is always our own choice. Make sure that you are choosing to make it that way each day. SMILE :)

Love you tons!

I loved the package! YUM!!!

 I found this sweet mask at service, so I decided I would be...I'm not sure what it is...but it's pretty cool!