Monday, November 25, 2013

My Birthday?? Oh, yeah...that happened.

So, this week was my birthday, and it was fantastic! My companion would definitely not let me forget for even 2 minutes of my birthday. Every place we walked into, I got another present. I woke up and almost screamed....our whole room was filled with balloons. I'm not sure how that happened. I guess I sleep really well. haha :P There was a sign on the wall saying happy birthday that she had made with the elders and then my first present came in a Christmas stocking. I got one sock, and a cute headband she had crocheted for me :) Then, while I was studying, the doorbell rang was a package from UPS!! Woohoo thanks family! So, for the next little while, we had fun opening my presents and taking tons of pictures.

Thanks for all the fun treats! The bracelet, ring and necklace I wore all day as part of my new birthday outfit :) I loved it! And, the skirt and shirts are so cute!! Mikey, thanks for the bowl of candies too! It reminds me of walking into your room and always having a bowl of butterscotch candies! The avocadoes definitely made us laugh as well as the hummus, salsa and peanut butter. It took me a little to figure out what that actually was, but it's fantastic! I'm glad that I can feel like I am back home for a little bit to enjoy my birthday :)

We went out for lunch with our district to Panera Bread here and it was super fun! The elders wrote their names on the present Hna Jones brought in, and then snuck a pass-along card inside that said happy birthday. So, everything that I pulled out of course was from them...and it was hilarious! It was such a great day though! We went out for dinner with a family and I ordered Paella...I was kinda expecting something like uncle Rafa makes...but it was definitely different. All was super good until we pulled out an entire octopus. Yup, I guess you're supposed to eat the entire thing. Let's just say...I don't think I will ever put myself through that torture again! It was so rubbery and gross and I don't even know how to explain it! haha But, it was super funny. I'm still not sure how I convinced myself to even try it, but I guess there is a first for everything, and a last for those things that once is enough. :P

Afterwards, we went to a party at one of the families house's in the ward. It was their little boy's birthday too, so we went and crashed...haha ok, not really. We were supposed to have dinner with another family in the ward, but they were going to the party, so they invited us. So, they celebrated my birthday too with his, and I got an entire cake...just for myself, and another present and a card. It was super sweet of them! And, I got a remote control helicopter from one of the elders...the only problem is that I am sorta missing the remote. Maybe Christmas? haha And I got super comfy slipper moccasins too so I can wear them around :)

I'm sure there were a lot more things that happened, and some more random socks in there...a ball, and I don't even remember all of the random things I got, but it was great! Thanks everyone making it super special for me :)

Ok, so now onto the other miracles of the week! It was fantastic.

Wednesday was pretty much one of the best days ever. We got up super early and went to the temple, and then made our way home. It was so amazing, and we were able to just sit in the celestial room and think and talk about everything. I loved it! We went to teach a family and the mom wasn't home again. So, we talked to the kids outside...and the daughter started reading the Book of Mormon! She said that she wouldn't really read it at home, so she had asked if she was allowed to bring it to school. So, now she reads that during her reading time everyday. She was so excited to tell us all about it! Exciting! We were really tired that night and almost ready to go home when we decided to stop by a family we used to teach. Their light was on and the dad opened the door. He was super excited to see us and he had been reading the Book of Mormon and wanted one of his own along with his son. :) The work is definitely moving along in mysterious ways!

Saturday was our ward talent show and big Thanksgiving dinner :) It was fantastic! The missionaries opened the night with a parody on missionary work. It was hilarious! Some was real, some was really fake, but everyone got a really good laugh. Then we had some amazing talents! The young women did this sweet dance, and then there were two youth who are pretty much perfect at everything, and they danced together. It was the best thing ever! And, these two little cousins had a sweet little dance too :) It was so much fun!! So, I have decided that I need to learn how to dance...not just any kind of dancing, but true latino dancing. It's amazing and so beautiful! Plus, the whole food never ends....literally. There were about twice as many people in the gym than we usually have in church on Sundays, and they all ate a ton of food, plus tons of left-overs! It was crazy! But, it was fun to enjoy a nice dinner with everyone that I love :)

Sunday was a miracle day for sure! We had an appointment with a member who wanted us to visit her and introduce us to her daughter who is a less-active. Well, she didn't know where she lived, and her daughter didn't answer her phone, and the address we had in the ward list doesn't exist in my gps. Yup, that was fun. Good thing mom taught me really well how to read maps and figure out where places are even when you don't have good directions. So, I remembered where I had seen the street, then tried to put the numbers together so it made sense in my head and I started driving. About 20 minutes later, we were near another less-active, so we stopped by but no one was home. We kept driving down the street and found the apartment complex! After walking around a bit, we found the apartment, and right after knocking, her and her daughter came right up the stairs behind us! Timing from God! It was super fun. :) She wants to come back to church, but just needed someone to help out, and her daughter wants to be baptized, and she wants to teach her husband about the gospel. So, we are super excited to start teaching them! :)

This week has been full of miracles, just like the rest. We are trying to really find the elect that are ready to come unto Christ. It's amazing to see the results of things happening. I can't even believe that things are happening so quickly. I hit my half way mark this week, and I feel like I got here yesterday, but 9 months goes by so quickly!

I love you all :)
Go out and be a missionary.

Challenge for the week. Get a Book of Mormon, then pray about who you know that needs it in their life. Someone will come to your mind. Then write your testimony in the front and make the time to give it to them. You will change their life. Invite them to church and to listen to the missionaries. You never know how much you will influence someone else!

Love you all!

So, I was standing at the door Sunday greeting everyone as they walk in. It was great to see everyone come to church and to get the chance to say hi. Well, in walks now the Hermano Mejia! He served in our ward like 5 years ago...yup super funny. We both said hi, then just stared at each other for a minute because he looked super familiar. And, once I said I was from Chicago, everyone knows our family. haha But, I definitely remember when he was serving in the ward before I went off to college. But, he is married now and just moved into our ward last week! And, his wife is super sweet! :)

Hermana Jessica Peterson

19792 E 49th Ave
Denver, CO 80249

Mission Home Address:

Colorado Denver North Mission
Hermana Jessica Peterson
1250 Main St.

Broomfield, CO 80020

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