Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby it's cold outside...

So, for our morning walks we are always talking, I'm running, and then we are singing. And now that it's past Thanksgiving, we are singing tons of Christmas songs. Which is definitely something I forgot! We don't have any Christmas music, so if someone wanted to send me a few songs that would be great! Oh, but that song was stuck in my head all morning and we couldn't remember the that's about the only part we sang...over and over and over again.

Yup, I still can't believe it's December! It's soooo crazy!!!

This week was amazing! We went to visit a recent convert family that hasn't been super consistent in coming to church and we weren't too sure why. The kids want to come, but it wasn't a huge priority for Maria. So, when we visited them this week, I talked to Maria about the importance of church and why she needs it every Sunday. And then Hna Jones talked to Beti who is turning 12 this week about the atonement and how God really does love her. They decided that they really do need to be at church and more involved in the Gospel in general. Hopefully we can get some other people involved in their progress as well :)

Wednesday was a day full of miracles...I can't even remember them all. But, we started out with some great studies that really helped us to prepare for the day spiritually and for our lessons. We had an amazing district meeting on how to become more purified and consecrated missionaries of the Lord. It was amazing. We went out and decided to change our plans a little bit. It was a holiday, so instead of going somewhere to serve, we decided we needed to go out and talk to the people. We ended up finding a few people that may be really interested in the Gospel. They want us to come back and teach them and we got to get to know some more areas too!  Then, that night we went to a member's home and met with one of their cousins who wants to learn about the gospel. Too bad she is only here for the weekend! But, she was soooo excited to read the Book of Mormon. then, that night we got a phone call late saying that Daniela was going to be baptized Saturday morning!!!!

Daniela before she got baptized
So, if anyone remembers about Daniela...I wrote about her a lot back at the very beginning of my mission. Well, she was an investigator in my last area that I taught with my trainer back in April and the beginning of May. She was super excited to be baptized, but she moved to Boston for the summer with her husband, who is a return missionary coming back to church too. So, she didn't get baptized then, and she left for months, and got back this week. She planned out her own baptism and got all the interviews done and was baptized Saturday morning!!! So, we got to see that and it was absolutely amazing :) It's so neat to see someone that you love so much take the steps necessary for her eternal salvation. Now, in a year, I can't wait to see her go through the temple to become an eternal family with her husband!!! So exciting :)

Thanksgiving was an incredible day full of service and fun. We started out painting our kitchen with Hno Garcia. He has been trying to get it done, but doesn't have much time when it's light enough to paint and the kids aren't running around with him. So, we got to work! It was super fun and went fast with 3 people. It definitely looks really nice now :)

We decided to stop by a bunch of families in the ward and share a special message about Thanksgiving with them. It was super fun to see them all and to share a short message and help them cook or get things cleaned up for their own Thanksgiving dinners! And, of course, we had to eat something at everyone's house too! They don't let us leave if we don't! haha But, it was fantastic. We had dinner at Hna Jones' aunt's house. She lives here close to our area, so we got permission to go there and enjoy a thanksgiving dinner in an American home. haha It was great! We had dinner, talked, played foosball, played piano, sang, and laughed for hours. It was so great!

This week has definitely been one to look back on my mission and everything that has happened so far. I hit my half way doesn't feel like I have been gone for 9 months already! But, I guess time really does fly by. But, there are things I definitely want to work on and improve. We are working as a district right now to find those things that are distracting us from the work, or that are leading us away from having the Spirit always with us. I have been making my list. Yesterday, we all fasted for this purpose, and now each day, we are to pray for the strength to put these things behind us. It's difficult, but I know it will help me to become a better person, more spiritually driven as a missionary and representative of Jesus Christ.

I hope that all of you this holiday season can go out and find those who need of your help. Help them spiritually, help them physically, but bring the holiday spirit into their life. It's amazing to see the difference that a little service can bring to someone. Share your testimony of the Savior's birth and His life. Invite someone to a Christmas party at church. Find ways to make this holiday season better than any other in the past.
Making pancakes.. we threw together things that sounded good together (less than 1/2 can of pumpkin, oats, choc chips, flour, honey, cinnamon, some eggs, brown sugar, pumpkin spice, some baking stuff) and behold! pancakes!
then for the syrup, we took normal maple syrup mixed with butter and vanilla 
I love you all! I hope you have an amazing week!!!

Hermana Jessica Peterson

Our adventure with the shiritaki noodles we decided to try cooking...some olive oil, spices, cilantro, lime, corn...I'm not sure what else got thrown in there, but it was pretty great! David, you definitely would have approved this meal!
And, the other is 

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