Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry CHRISTmas

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
I hope you really do have a magical Christmas this year. Make it that way. Christmas is a time where we really do get to celebrate the great majesty of Christ's birth. We need to help put the Christ back into Christmas. It's become a time of hustle and bustle- shops are open to buy presents, people are running around trying to get things ready so their family has the best, and we forget why this time of year is important. I was reading the story of Christ's birth in Luke this morning during my studies, and it always amazes me the faith of Mary. She was told by an angel that she would be the mother of our Savior. I am always brought back to the lyrics of the song, "Mary did you know." Because she was the mother of the Savior. When she held Him and kissed His cheek, she was kissing the face of God. She would bring about the creation of a man who would CHANGE lives- forever. Because of our Savior and Redeemer, we have the opportunity to change and become like Him.
Remember this Christmas season and always that Jesus is the Christ. That he was born humbly in a stable to come and redeem us. He is our older brother and our best friend.
I had an investigator this week remind me a little about the Christmas season and the power of God. We were talking about prayer and how she can begin to pray. She didn't know how. So, we were talking about how we pray to God like we would talk to our best friend. So she simply said, I guess I need God in my life. He is the only one that can be everyone's best friend. And it's true. God needs to be our best friend, and everyone's.
This Christmas is amazing-as we focus all of our time everyday on others, Christmas just makes sense. We find that people are truly excited about spending time together. But make that time count. Don't keep it enough to simply get together, eat dinner, and open presents. Share stories, read scriptures, make memories. Five years down the road (or 5 minutes if you're me! haha) we won't remember those presents we opened. We won't remember those clothes we wore or how we looked that night. We will remember the memories we made. We will remember the people who made a difference and really changed our lives. So be that person. Make this Christmas unforgettable-not because of the presents you gave or received, but because of the difference you made in the life of someone else.
I love you so much! I hope you are all finding ways to make Christmas more centered on Christ. :) 
Hermana Jessica Peterson
ps. thought from district meeting today!
we can see the scriptures the way we want, not the way the directors want us to. So, liken them to yourself. Make your own images and movies as you read and study their words. They are truly amazing words of God that we have the great gift to read each and everyday!
Love you tons!
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