Monday, December 9, 2013


I think that's how you spell it? So...this week has been freezing!!!!! Literally, below zero at least for part of everyday. It's been super nice to have all the warm clothes to bundle up with scarves and hats and tons of layers all the time. I'm pretty sure the people can't even see us when we get to their houses...good thing we have our nametags! haha
This week has been an adventure in all sorts of different ways. We decided to start crocheting some of our Christmas gifts for the elders in our district...they are legit! But, I can't say what they are because there might be a few coming home for Christmas too. :) And, because it's been freezing outside, we decided we would make some headbands (like the warm ones for your ears)  for all of the sisters that make dinner for us every night. So, we bring a few that they can choose from. But, I guess that this culture doesn't know what they are? I'm not quite sure...because we have to teach everyone how to wear them. One night, we just gave them to the sisters there, and they both put them on like a headband that just pushes your hair up. Hopefully that made sense, but it was super funny!!!
Sorry this is super scattered and rushed, but Sunday was amazing and sad and every emotion pulled into one day. We had about 7 people who were really excited to come to church on sunday and none of them showed up. We even went to their houses before church and one family didn't open, one family was still sleeping, and the other said they were coming and never did. Sad! But, we did have a less active dad and his son come!!! It was sooooo exciting :) He hasn't been to church in over 2 years, and he really came! We were kinda freaking out when one of the elders came over to us and told us to turn around to see who came in. Good thing it was during a song so the only reason people turned around was because we stopped singing. Yup...we are the only ones that know how to sing here, so they all just sing as they can, and then all listen to us from the back. It's pretty great :) It's good Hna Jones has a really strong voice too! Because everyone just comes up to her after sacrament to say how well she sings. It's pretty great!
I hope you all had the chance to watch the Christmas devotional last night too!!!! It was fantastic and way different than normal. I wasn't feeling too well yesterday, so after church, we got to someone's house to visit, and I didn't even make it out of the car before debating with my companion what we were going to do. She decided I should just go home, but I was trying to fight it, and I ended up falling asleep in the car in front of their house. haha So, it was a little awkward when they pulled up a little bit later. I got a good nap in though before dinner at the Bishop's house, and we got to see the devotional there with them. It was nice to see it in English too :) It really did make me think about the real importance of Christmas. It's about Christ, and we really do need to put Him back into this time of year. He is so important in everything we do, and we need to honor His life by remembering Him.
I am so excited for this time of year. I can't even imagine being in a different place. I definitely will miss everyone, but I know that I am serving the Lord and that you are all here with me in spirit :)
Have an amazing week! I love you all :) Stay warm!
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