Monday, January 20, 2014


So, transfers are on the 3rd of February, so just a heads up, I have no idea what's going to be happening! But, exciting :) 
Hey fam!!!!

So, I was just laughing mom when I got your letter because that is exactly how I feel every single week! I sit down to write at the computer and I can't remember anything that happened this week at all. But, once I start writing, things come to me, or I have a companion that helps me out. Usually the latter works a little better. haha
But to start at the end of the week, Sunday was a great day! We got up early and started working on our ward list. We had a few pages to finish up before church so we could get updated lists to all the missionaries to start working on. Around 8:53am we finished....yup we had to actually write that time's a big thing! We got some studying in and got everything else ready for church before heading out. We figured we have 38 pages of names with about 800 names or so in the lists, 300 that maybe are active or come at least once a month, and then at least another 300 that have moved or passed away in the last 15 years and their info still hasn't been edited. Yup...exciting! We have a lot more work to do, but there is definitely progress!
We got to help out in the primary for their sharing time and it was super fun. We shared a short message about how Christ can be the example for us in our lives. I was assigned Luke 15:4 about Christ going to find the lost sheep. It was really neat because we ended up talking about how we are each sheep in the fold of Jesus Christ. He loves us and wants us to be like Him and help to find those lost souls. Each of them were cute and wanted to be like that, they can't wait to run into the arms of Christ and give him a big hug :) Me too!
After church, we had the baptism!!! It was so great! Dani was as happy as could ever be, and Annie was smiling so big! It was fantastic :) So, we had made plans for Hno Pina to go and pick up the Ocampo Mendez family for church because their dad wasn't going to come. Sad! But, they were all so happy! Beti is making tons of friends in young women's and absolutely loves it. We barely got her to come outside for a minute before the baptism started to take a few pictures. She didn't want to leave her friends! Then, Dani has been loving her classes now and has tons of friends too and wanted everyone to come to her baptism. We are still trying to work with Lalo. He is 5 and still doesn't know anyone and would much rather sit with us and their mom in relief society than go with the kids. But, now he at least wants to come to church :) Progress!

Dani and her family before the baptism with me, Hna Jones and Hno Pina! She was so excited she could hardly stand still for the pictures!
During the talk on the Holy Ghost, the speaker pulled out a blanket and talked about how a blanket comforts us when we are cold or scared, just like the Holy Ghost can comfort us when we need help. We are guided by Him and it's through Him we can talk to our Heavenly Father. She turned the blanket over and it was a princess blanket! Precious! :) And then she went on to explain how each of them were princesses just like these ones. But, each one is different. We are all special to our Heavenly Father but He loves us all the same. We need to always remember that we are special sons and daughters of God who loves us more than we could ever imagine. It's amazing. The love of God. We can never quite understand all that entails, but we can feel just a piece of that love here if we seek it.

So, I keep having the realization of how amazing this church really is. We were visiting a member this week and had a strong impression to ask her if she had entered the temple yet. She is active, but works on sundays occasionally so she can't always attend church. We don't know her too well, so we took some time to ask questions and see where her progress was in the church. We found out pretty quickly that she hadn't ever been able to enter the temple because she was never legally married to her husband. We asked a few questions and then took the case to other missionaries. Turns out, there are tons of people with that problem here that we teach, and now the church is pro at finding ways to help them quickly! So, we are going to refer her over to a few people to get working on the process to get married. Then, it's preparation for the temple! Woohoo! Exciting :)
Sorry, I got caught up in writing back to a lot of you already, so I don't have much time, but I absolutely love you all. You mean the world to me. I wouldn't be anything without my family, and I am so grateful that I will have you for all of eternity. You mean the world to me. Thank you for all that you do for me, for your support, for you love, and for being you.
Always remember, you have a Heavenly Father who loves you more than anything. He is always mindful of us in everything we do, and the little things we do matter to Him. Remember, we are all princes and princesses to a divine being who loves us more than we could know!

Love you!

Hermana Jessica Peterson

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