Monday, January 27, 2014

God works in mysterious ways.

Hey family!!
So, this week was pretty uneventful on the investigators side, but we are doing tons of work with less actives...aka visiting teaching. Help the missionaries in your your visits, don't make them do it for you. :P haha
Monday night we went over to the Castillo's. They decided to move to the English ward and it's soooo sad! They are amazing, so we went with the English sisters to introduce them and kind of pass them off. It's crazy to see how attached you become to people because you love them so much.
We have decided to try a new approach with less actives in our area and members trying to be stronger in the gospel. We set up short appointments to come and read the scriptures. I have yet to find a person who reads the Book of Mormon every single day and falls away from the truth. The majority of the people we teach don't have the best of educations and struggle with reading, and imagine, trying to understand the scriptures?! We are starting with a few families this week and it's been great! They are super excited to have two missionaries come and read with their family so that everyone sits down together and then they actually understand what is going on in the chapters. It's going to be a long process, but I am super excited to see their progress! Most of these members were baptized in the last 10 years and just need someone to love them and teach them the plan of God in their life.
Tuesday was a long day at the hospital. With some help of members we got a ride downtown to the doctor's office. After some complications with appointments and miscommunications with the front desk, my doctor got everything figured out and we only had to spend the rest of the afternoon waiting for appointments. But, hopefully everything goes great! I have been a little worried recently, but then I just think. God performed miracles so that I could be here on my mission, so He can perform others to allow me to stay here! :) I read this super cool quote this week during my studies from Dallin H Oaks. He said, "Our needed conversions are often achieved more readily by suffering and adversity than by comfort and tranquility." That is so true. We are needed to be converted to the Lord and to be perfected and polished to the design of God. It's not what we want, it's what He wants for us. And, it's ALWAYS better than what we want. So, I keep looking up and finding ways to work hard. Depending on God always makes us happier and allows us to find who we truly are. We are sons and daughters of a divine being who loves us more than we could imagine. (2 Nephi 10:23) Choose to be happy today :)
Sunday, we had amazing meetings. It was so exciting to feel of the spirit so strongly and be able to testify of the truthfulness of this Gospel. A youth spoke about how we need to be ourselves all the time, and how that person needs to always be the person God expects us to be. "Para uno que esta verdaderamente convertido, el deseo do hacer cosas contrarias al evangelio muere." -Marion G. Romney So if you didn't understand that, it just says, For one that is truly converted, the desire to do things contrary to the gospel dies. It's amazing, and it actually happens. When we decided to be the people God wants us to be, we can continue in the life-long process of conversion and be happier, we don't have the desires to do those things contrary to the path of God.
One of the sisters spoke about the decision to prepare here on this earth and to choose to be happy. She said every morning we wake up to two decisions. We can choose to be happy or choose to be miserable. We can wake up and think about all of our trials and sufferings. We can seek help for those things and focus all of our efforts on avoiding pain and sorrow. Or, we can seek out the best. We can look at our trials and sufferings with one thing in mind-to become better and become more like Christ. We can be ever grateful for the body and blessings we have. Our appetites and desires simply make us who we are. Our image is what we want to portray to others. It can be gloomy and miserable, or it can be filled with the light of Christ. It's our choice. I want to be happy. I want others to see my desire to be a representative of Christ now and for forever.
Have an amazing week and remember that you are a chosen son or daughter of God that truly loves you and wants the best for you.
Hermana Jessica Peterson

One more thing!

Ok, so we decided to try a few new random things at the grocery store this week because it looked interesting. So, we bought a star fruit. And who would have thought, it tastes like roses! Yup, you should try it...weird! Love you :) 

Hermana Jessica Peterson

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