Monday, October 21, 2013


Hey everyone!!!!

So, this week has been pretty fantastic, but so random too! But, life is great :)

So...funny story...
Hermana Jones and I managed to lock ourselves out of our room and into our room...twice. Wednesday morning, we were waking up early to go to the temple. It was about 530 AM and we were ready to walk out the door to catch a ride with some other sisters from their house. So, we locked our room and headed downstairs, only to find out that we were missing a few things. You know, our keys and the phone. Yup, definitely no bueno! So, we couldn't get into the room and we didn't have the keys to use the car, and we didn't have a phone to call someone for a ride. And, it's only 530 in the morning! So, after many failed attempts at picking a lock (apparently I never learned how to do that one while I was younger. It could have come in handy!) we decided to wake up Hermano Garcia and see if they happened to have another key to our room. After a phone call with Monse, we were affirmed that the only key was locked on the other side of the room. So, Hermano tried to use cards to get the lock to open from the inside, but nothing worked. It only bent the cards. He then carefully ripped off the outside of the door knob, we got the front part to click off and disconnect from the rest, then used tweezers to turn the lock and it opened! Woohoo! So, we threw all the pieces carefully into the room, grabbed our things and drove to the temple! It was just about 645 by that time, so an hour later or so....and we weren't going to make it to our 730am session. But, I guess God really does work in mysterious ways! As we were driving to the temple, we realized that it must be for a reason that we had to be sooo late going to our session and decided to find the reason why. As we were sitting in the celestial room, I was just thinking to myself about so many things. And, then I looked up and we were alone there with only an older lady sitting on the couch across from us two. I noticed she was crying and decided to go over and give her a hug. For the next few minutes, she just cried into my shoulder. I just held tight and could feel the spirit enveloping us so strongly. I don't know exactly what she is going through. All I know is that God needed me to be right there to give her a hug and to help her out that day. I'm glad that God works through us to bring miracles into the lives of others!

Ok, so the second time...this time we locked ourselves into our room. Actually...we both managed to lock ourselves into different the same time. It was great. We decided this morning that we should probably take some time and fix our door knob. It has been broken all week. So, I unscrewed the one on our door and on our old room. We had bought a door knob when the old one broke right after I got to this area. I was planning on swapping them and putting the old one back on in the other room. But, I didn't take out the actual inside part that locks into the Hermana Jones closed the door without thinking. Then I was trying to take apart the other door and it's difficult to unscrew the door while it's open. So, I closed the other door and took apart the doorknob. Then, I tried opening the door to get the other side off...and it wasn't opening! So, I called for Hermana Jones to come open it and said that she was stuck too and couldn't get out of the room!! Yikes!! Luckily, I was able to get the door open by using the other side of the knob and sticking my fingers around it twisting. Then I went to save my companion from the same dilemma. haha Yup, we are pretty great at getting stuck in places!

Friday, we wanted to go visit a less active member and she said she was really busy. We asked with what. She told us she was making Tamales and would be working all day, so we decided to go help! That didn't take too much persuading. haha So, I can say that I have made Tamales start to finish! It was so much fun! I'm not sure that I wanted to know what was used to make them...but they are sooo good! So, I guess I'll still eat them :)

Saturday we went on exchanges with the sister trainer leaders! I was in the Spanish area with Sister Makasini and she is awesome! It was so much fun :) We went and taught a family that wants to be baptized! And while we were teaching, most of them got up and just left! So, we were left with about 4 of them...out of the 14 that live there. haha Yup, it reminds me of our house so much when we are there! Well, the mom then continued to tell us that they all left because they want to make lunch for us! So, we stuck around and enjoyed tacos with their family and got to really see their admiration for the patience we have with them. And, some of them came to church too!! It was super exciting :) I can't wait to go back this week and see how they liked it! We went to give service by singing to a few older ladies and a man who live with an in home nurse in a house. It's pretty cool actually. And, as we were singing and talking, the lady wanted to show us around the house....when we got to her room in the basement we all were in shock! The entire basement is her bedroom...and the walls are completely full of closets. It was crazy!!! And, then she began pulling things out of the closet and handing them to us, told us to try them on, and gave it to us! It was so much fun. :) And we came home with some pretty great stuff too! It's been really fun as my companion and I started collecting sweaters. But, they have to be the really old ones and big that you don't quite know what to do with. And then we wear them just to take pictures and laugh. haha It was pretty great!

Oh yeah...and it snowed!!!!! We went outside Friday morning and there was snow!! Woohoo! :) comp has never used a snow scraper to take the snow off the car. She is from Mesa, Arizona and has only been in the snow like once. haha So, I let her try it out! It was hilarious! I was taking pictures...and then continued by throwing snow at her as she was attempting to carefully take all the snow off the car. I couldn't believe it! She looked like she was trying to paint a masterpiece or something because she had no idea what to do with this stick that had a brush on the end of it. It was fantastic. And then we went over to Brent's place to make breakfast for all the people that live there. It was so much fun! And then we stuck around to help out for a bit! Service is one of the best times of the week! We have so much fun and the people there really appreciate all that we do for them :)

Thursday afternoon at service, we were helping to clean the kitchen and all the toys. Then, they asked if we could make a really cool train that the kids would like to come and play with. So, Hermana Jones and I spent about an hour making up a really sweet train! It went around the table and the two tracks wrapped up and around each other. It was legit! :) We had so much fun making it, and then we took some pictures of course, and there had to be a dead end that said "no bueno." That's our district's slogan for everything that goes wrong...we just say 'no bueno' and then we can all laugh about it. :) It's pretty great!

We have been working really hard in the area to get things going. Right now we are trying to get more members and get some investigators who are really ready to hear the gospel. We met with a family Sunday night who are awesome! It's Araceli and Israel and they are super excited to hear more and to do everything to really know what is best in their lives right now. We invited them to be baptized after the first lesson and they were so excited to learn more so that they could know for sure :) I can't wait to continue to teach them!

This week has been a bit of a challenge with goals and getting the lessons in that we need to teach, but I feel like we are really working hard to get things done and to find the people that are really ready to hear. I hope we can work super hard this week as well!

Well, I'm off for another week! I hope you all are doing fantastic and I would love to hear from you :)

Love you tons!

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