Monday, October 7, 2013

Words from God are always needed

Hermana Giron before she got on the transfer train up north! Crazy!!
Hey everyone!

First off, I hope Matt and CJ had fantastic birthdays!!! Happy Birthday!!
And, I hope all of you enjoyed General Conference this weekend because it was amazing!

So, this weekend was General Conference! And can I just say, I'm pretty sure it's getting shorter and shorter. It started and then one minute and it was over! It was absolutely phenomenal. I hope all of you went to conference searching for an answer to one of your questions, because I definitely did! I received so many answers and it was absolutely amazing. We were sitting at the church watching conference with all of the other missionaries in English while our ward sat in and watched it in the chapel in Spanish. I know...I should be listening in Spanish, but my companion just got here this week and I would have felt really bad if she couldn't understand anything. Plus, I'm pretty sure I still understand much more in English as it is!

I was thinking a lot about how to gain more strength by depending more on the Lord. I have still been fighting for my physical strength recently but I know that if I strengthen myself more spiritually that God will help me to understand my trials better as I face them. As I was sitting in conference, I was searching for ways to be spiritually strengthened right now in my life. It was incredible! I realized that in order to really strengthen ourselves spiritually is a process of faith and endurance. If we want to run the race of life and succeed to our goal of eternal life, we must be able to endure the trials and overcome the obstacles placed in our paths. Right now, I have so much to be grateful for! I have an amazing opportunity to serve a mission for the Lord and to be out on His errand. I have an incredible companion who helps me to learn more and to enjoy every moment of life! And I have family and friends who support me on my mission. And here, I can see miracles happen everyday! I decided that if I wanted to be strengthened, I need to put in the effort and the self-discipline necessary. I need to grow closer to my Savior and my God and strive everyday to be a better me! My studies are one of my most cherished moments of the day, and I want to be better at using them fully. Our days are planned to the hour, sometimes to the minute, and because of that, I really can make sure to use each minute to the fullest. 

Sunday night, we went to see a family that we are teaching and this is the first time they have all been together. We were teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how prophets help and guide us today in our lives. I asked the question, "what can we do now to become closer to Christ?" We got a lot of different responses from the parents and from each one of the kids. It was amazing! First, they answered by going to church, praying, reading the scriptures, following the prophet today and being a better family. One of the younger sons then said, "Oh, I know! We have to be baptized too!" It was super cute because he isn't old enough yet to be baptized into the church, but it got the parents excited about learning more so that they can be baptized soon with the older children too! It is amazing the difference it is to teach a family and to know that they can seek out the blessings available in this life for eternal families! I can't wait for them to get baptized and to be sealed together as a family in the temple one day. They would be the best members ever! :)

So, this first week with my new daughter has been awesome! She is amazing, and definitely didn't speak any Spanish before her mission. But, that's alright! She has been awesome at adding in her testimony and she really does understand a lot. We just need to work really hard at speaking Spanish all the time so that she can learn it quickly and be ready to speak and to help out in the lessons more. She has so much knowledge of the gospel that it's amazing! I love the time we have each day to share what we are learning about the scriptures. And then we get to go out and teach. She loves the chance to talk to the kids too because they actually speak Spanish, but there is power to her simple testimony when it is said in Spanish. There is something about it. People really appreciate the effort people put into speaking and communicating in their native language , even if we may not speak very well. I have taken for granted at times the gift I do have for speaking Spanish. I understand almost everything, and speak to everyone. I don't even think about it anymore, but I know that I came a really long way. Working with Hermana Jones really helps me to see how far I have come. I remember being terrified to share an experience in Spanish because I didn't know any of the words. I would have to practice just the same way we are now. And now it comes without even having to think about the fact that I am speaking in a different language. God really does help us when we are striving our best to learn and to succeed in all we do. He really knows us individually and knows how to help us!

This week I have realized more and more the effect the spirit has on my life. There are so many things that are going on around me, and if we don't follow the spirit, we won't be in the right place. I think that the opportunity to train has helped me so much to have the spirit stronger in my life. I can know what these people need to hear. We are lead to people each and every day that we wouldn't have met if we didn't walk a certain direction. I want to continue to seek the guidance everyday of the spirit so that I can depend more on God to lead and direct me.

I hope that you all have an amazing week! If you haven't had the chance to listen/watch conference, I would definitely suggest it! It is amazing, and it is life-changing. Make sure that you find ways to apply it's teachings more to your lives right now! There is always something that we can do.

Be a better you today than you were yesterday, be a better you tomorrow than you were today! I hope that we can all seek to be a little better each and every day as we strive to be more like Christ.

I love you all!

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