Monday, October 28, 2013

Spider Web and Halloween!! first off... no we don't have more spiders. At least not the fuzzy ones that crawl around on your ground. But, we did decide to crochet a giant spider web and put it in the corner of our bedroom so that we could feel like we decorated for Halloween! It's pretty legit :) I'll attach a picture at the bottom!

Tuesday night we went over to a members home for dinner. After sitting at TV dinner tables that reminded me of Matilda, we pulled out our hymn books. Hermana Pizarro wanted me to tell her how some of the hymns sounded because she is in charge of the music for church. After explaining that I had no idea how these songs sounded, I started sight reading them and it was fun to sing them to her even though I had never heard them before either! Blessings come from studying music before :)

Wednesday night we got to go to a fireside for the Pathway program here in Denver! It was so exciting to learn more about the program and how they are offering and ESL program here for the Spanish speakers in our wards. It's super exciting to see the progress and the support that the church has for members everywhere. These people would never have the chance anywhere else to take college classes, and now they do! And, it's flexible enough that many members are excited about the opportunity. Of course, we got called the night before to see if we could come to play piano and direct the music for the fireside, so we went along and enjoyed the night and saw all the members from both Spanish wards which was super fun!

We have been helping a member to study for her citizenship test and it's really interesting. So, history was by far not my favorite subject, but it's kinda fun now to learn all about it! I remember taking an American Heritage class back freshman year at BYU and it's fun the things I do remember from that! But, let me tell you, if they gave me that test right now, I would definitely not pass it! I guess that's why they give us books and things to study from so that we have a chance to pass the tests :)

We got to go visit Maria R this week, and it's been awhile! I had met her before in the past, but we hadn't been able to go and visit her recently because of her work schedule. So we finally got to see her and it was awesome! She has so many questions but is so excited about learning more of the gospel. It's truly amazing to see the difference it makes with someone when they have questions about the gospel that they really want to find the answers! We have been praying for more opportunities to teach people who are truly excited about the gospel, and our prayers are being answered!

One of our appointments fell through while Hermana Hawkins was with us in a trio. She is another Spanish called sister that just got here this transfer as well, but she is serving right now in an English area. So, she comes out with us every week to get some practice in a Spanish environment too. We have been having a blast with her! But, we decided to walk around Friday morning to talk to people outside while we waited for another lady to get back home so we could help her out. And we met this guy named Roberto. He said that one of his best friends is Mormon but that he hasn't talked to him in a long time. He had never met with the missionaries before but had loved everything that his friend had taught him about the gospel. They had met up every week to talk about the Book of Mormon, so we testified to him and asked if he would accept to have us come to teach him and he said yes. So, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he was super excited to read and to continue to learning about the gospel. :)

Our family definitely has a way of living much different than I am used to! But, we were talking to the wife the other day and she was saying how she really wants to find her own conversion. She isn't a member of the church, but goes every week with her family. We are helping her to do her part in her own conversion to the gospel. It is hard at times to know how we can help her because she lives with us, but we have come to realize that it shouldn't matter. She is a special daughter of God who really can find her own answers from God. She is amazing and I want more than anything to see her dressed in white being baptized, and then going through the temple with her family to be sealed for time and all eternity! It's so exciting to see the blessings that come through this amazing gospel. They are eternal! Nothing else can bring us such great joy!

I know that this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I have asked God to let me know, and He always answers my prayers!

I love you all!
Hope you have a fantastic week! Have a great Halloween and I want to see pictures of everyone's costumes!!!!

We love we made pie, and cookies, and pancakes...YUM! Don't worry, we shared most of it with our family and the elders. But, it was definitely delicious! :)

Hermana Jessica Peterson

19792 E 49th Ave
Denver, CO 80249

Mission Home Address:

Colorado Denver North Mission
Hermana Jessica Peterson
1250 Main St.

Broomfield, CO 80020

So....this is what our faces look like when Elder Brown is around...and he decided to almost drop our cameras on the ground!! But good thing Hermana Jones has reflexes like a fly and caught them! Yup...this face happens at least 10 times a day. We just aren't quite sure yet how to act around him yet. But, it was a fun Halloween Party!

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