Monday, February 24, 2014

Planning...God's way to tell us what He wants us to do!

Our district representing the sunny weather here with our sunglasses! They are awesome :) 

So, this week has been fantastic, and crazy, and I feel like I just emailed yesterday. But, so much happened this week! 

First off, I am definitely not in the best of shape since it look about 3 days to not be super sore from zone pday! haha It was a blast though. I wish we got to get out and play sports more often, but I guess sisters like painting their nails over soccer...ugh. haha But, it's still a blast! 

So, sorry ahead of time. Things are going to be very out of order, but this is how my brain works sometimes. haha It was a great and crazy week for sure! 

We go and do service at our Bishop's house every week to help out in their basement. They have a thrift store so to say that is just all donated and free for anyone that needs it. It's awesome! So, we come and organize clothes and help out with things. And, we have our personal interviews and planning sessions with the bishop, so it's pretty great! We always come in with our clothes to change, and then we go back out to work after we finish for the day. Well, our clothes were sitting in a bag by the front door, and Bishop thought they were another bag of donations! So, we were about to change and get ready to leave when we couldn't find our clothes. We asked bishop if he had seen a blue skirt, or a black shirt, or a black coat, or tights, and one by one, he let us know that they were in the washing machine getting cleaned! My comp's skirt was on the floor in another pile. Our shoes were tied up in a bag at the very bottom with a bunch of others. So, we were without clothes! haha So, good thing we were at a thrift store...we went downstairs and found some new clothes and got new outfits! It was pretty great. So, our Bishop was kind enough to finish washing our clothes and return them to us on Sunday. :) 

Church was amazing! We taught Sunday school for the youth and it was great! They all loved it :) We sang a song that they are practicing to sing in church and then we talked about teaching others and helping them have the desire to search for more knowledge. So, we broke up the kids into groups of 'companionships' and had them study a section of the plan of Salvation. They had their scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and the Plan of Salvation pamphlet to study from, and this sheet that has hundreds of scriptures about the Plan too. It was great. We were going to leave time to let them role play, but class was over. The kids were super excited though to start talking to their friends and inviting them to learn more :) 

Also, Lupita and Luis came to church today, and she came up to sing with us when the Relief Society sand during Sacrament. Roberto and Mariela came too with their daughter, and brought his sister-in-law who wants to continue coming to church and learning more! Woohoo! We have an apt set up to see them this weekend :) And, Aide and Jose came to church with their family. He is finally out of the hospital and looks great! In a wheel chair with his leg all bandaged up, but for all that happened, he is alive and doing well. We get to go see them this week too! God really does bless us when we are striving to do all that He asks of us! And, addiction class was great too! People speak so fast sometimes though! haha So, I struggled a little bit to translate for Lupita quickly enough as people were still talking. But, it's getting better each week! And, she loves it! 

So, exciting news!!! We are trying to open up a new Spanish group up in our proselyting area, so we are organizing an open house for next week! It's a ton of work, but is going to be super exciting :) We are going this weekend to pass out flyers to everyone and to get people excited to come. Hopefully we get a lot of support from the wards in the stake and can get everyone on board and see a lot of success come from it. It's going to help the work progress for sure in this area! Woohoo! 

We have been working with one of our less-actives recently and making goals for him to start working with the bishop on his repentance process....and he went to talk to him yesterday!!!! Woohoo! Miracles! So, we are going back over tonight to hear all about it and to help him take the next steps to receiving the priesthood and being a stronger member in the church :) 
The spanish missionaries in front of the temple! What up! We are definitely like a family here. It's legit! 

We got to go to the temple this week and it was amazing! I saw then new video too! It was so much fun. I love just sitting there and thinking about everything in life. I started talking to an elder in the temple about symbolism and about awe-inspiring things that happen there. It's incredible. I think my mind was blown with how many things I learned! I absolutely loved it! 

Well, sorry this is really scattered, but it's been a great week. I have loved everything, and I can't believe that my mission is already a year over! Crazy! 

I love you so much!!! You are so amazing! Thanks for your love and support :) 

Hermana Jessica Peterson

Our zone at conference this past week! It was great and we were all celebrating for Valentine's Day on the mission :) 

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