Monday, March 3, 2014

Things work out!

District on Scarf Day!
Hey fam!!!

So, this week has been crazy as usual. We had the miles to be able to go up and visit a family in the middle of no where. haha It's the Ocampo family, and they are great. They were baptized a few years ago, but are now less active. So, we taught them friday night and their daughter is now 9 and wants to be baptized. So, we are trying to get them to church so she can :) And, so their family can get sealed in the temple! 

The Maldonados, he is the one who got in the really bad car crash a few weeks ago. Well, they started coming to church again, and their son wants to get baptized, and their family wants to go to the temple. It's amazing! It's so fun to work with families who are working towards goals like that. I can see how much of a blessing and miracle it is for me to know that my family will be together forever. It's not just on this earth, but forever. We were talking about the blessings of the temple with them, and one of the members in the ward came with us. He was talking about the day when his family could go through the temple to be sealed together. He was sad because his parents couldn't go, but he said that the pure joy of being there and of watching his kids enter the room, in all white, was something incredible and unexplainable. This gospel is truly a blessing to all! 

I gave a training this week during our district meeting on the Plan of Salvation. But, instead of focusing on how to teach it better, I focused on what it means to each one of us. It was really cool. I shared part of the talk by President Holland called "Missionary work and the atonement" and then a poem called "He's been there before." It's amazing that as we prepare to teach, we learn so much more than we ever could by being in the class. I really enjoyed going around and roleplaying and seeing the difference when we focused on teaching by using our own experiences. When we really take to heart what it is we are teaching, then we can teach with power and the spirit can testify. I love it!

We had our zone blitz on Saturday to invite everyone to the open house. It was freezing and started snowing that morning, not really the perfect weather to go out, but we did anyways! We had about 30 people that went out as companions to different areas around the city to pass out flyers and invite people to the open house next friday. Hopefully we get a good turn out! Good thing we bundled up good before we left, it was cold out there! haha 

We went out Wednesday night with the elders quorum president, and it's always interesting when two members start talking. You begin with a lesson, and then the people start talking and talking and by the time you realize what time it is, you are well past curfew. yup...awesome. :) As long as we are helping others come to Christ! I guess I can give up a little bit of my sleeping time. When someone finally looked at their watch and decided it was really was almost 11! Yikes! So we said a closing prayer and headed home :) 

Miracles this week with Lupita! She has been talking a lot recently with Daniela, a girl in the ward that got baptized about a year ago. And, she is finally starting to use the things we are teaching her. She wants to read the Book of Mormon for real this time. She actually has a desire to pray each night and morning. And, she is working with a counselor and at the addiction class to stop drinking. It truly does all start with a desire to change and to be better. I have realized more and more that if we have a desire to do something, and really have a desire, we will achieve it with the help of the Lord. It's amazing! We can really see and work miracles in our own lives and in the lives of others by helping and supporting them :) 

It's definitely been a challenge, being on a mission. But, the miracles I see each and every day make it so much more worth it. Maybe I'm not best friends with my companion, but God knows why I need to be with her. And, it's great! When we decide to change and to allow God to help, anything is possible! 

I can't believe I hit my year mark this week. Things have gone by way too quickly...but I want to make the very most of every moment I have here on my mission! 
Thanks for all the love and support! You're the best! 
Love you all!!
Hermana Jessica Peterson

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