Monday, March 17, 2014

Life is great!

Elder Linares is leaving! Sad! It's been awesome getting to see him every Sunday. But, we got to see each other one last time before he heads to the other side of the mission! 
Hey family!!!! 

So, this week has been amazing. Crazy, but amazing. 
First off, transfers were today, which is why we are emailing sooo late! But, my companion and I are staying together! We are super excited :) We helped out the other sisters to get their stuff packed because Hermana Baldwin is going down to Denver 4th ward, my home!! She is a bit scared for her first transfer, but things will be great. We got to spend the day at the stake center seeing all the missionaries coming and going, playing dodge ball, soccer, basketball, playing piano, and it was great! It's always hard to see missionaries leave, but change is always good. 

Hermana Giron left yesterday and it was super sad! She came up with the other sisters after sacrament to spend a few hours before going to the mission home. But, apparently she is coming back in a few weeks for a baptism anyway, so it's all good :) It's just crazy to see the time passing by sooo quickly. 

Last Monday, we showed up to a lesson, and she wasn't there, but the rest of the family was. We were asking if they needed any help with anything, and the husband asked if either one of us knew calculus. Found out pretty quick that I am going to need a BIG refresher in math when I get back! haha It's been forever! I couldn't remember all the tricks for derivatives, and each problem used a different rule...but we were able to work together and figure it out! Good thing I love math! 

We spent all Tuesday practically helping out a family in the ward to clean and move out of their trailer...I can't even describe it. I wish we had pictures, but I don't think I even want to see what it looked like before-hand! haha Good thing missionaries come in forces and we work hard! The dog hair, sticky floors, dirty diapers, and old food was out in a few hours and the place looked much better. Our clothes were a different story! I guess that's why we have a washer and dryer. :) 

We finally got to start teaching Jayden this week!! He is the son of the less-active family where the dad was in a really bad car crash. They are doing awesome now, and they were sooo excited when we said that we were staying. We went over to their family's house for dinner Saturday night and it was huge family BBQ! Totally reminded me of home! It's great to see the difference in their family now. The two brothers and their families are all coming back to church! Jose's dad finally came for the first time yesterday!! We were soooo excited to see them :) Next step, temple! Woohoo for celestial families :) 

Zone meeting this week was great. We had different trainings on the love God has for us, and the love that we have for ourselves. I have already known this for forever, but I think at times we need to be reminded-that God really does love us, but that we can't feel His love for us or the love others have for us if we don't love ourselves. That's the thing. We have to love ourselves first. Not in a prideful way, but in a humble way that we see the best in ourselves over our difficulties and faults. I still need to work on that :) 

We saw Roberto and Mariela this week and they are doing great! They love the gospel and everything about it. It's amazing. Bishop is thinking about giving them callings super soon too, and asking Mariela to do some of the translating during church too. Their family is opening up to us a little bit too! I'm not sure if it's because we are there all the time, or because they see that Roberto and Mariela are so much happier all the time? Hopefully a little bit of both! 

Saturday morning we had a Relief Society Conference for the Anniversary and it was super cool! We went early and helped to translate for our ward members that came. It was super fun! I'm getting a lot better at it for sure! It's nice when there were 3 of us helping out, so we took turns, helped find scriptures, reminded each other how to say words when we couldn't remember. haha The first 5 minutes is super scary and the stress level goes through the roof! But, then it slowly drops until you just think you are talking by yourself in a room with a random headset on  your head. haha Good thing I have been practicing in our addiction class every Sunday

Sunday was a bit of a crazy day. I really don't even remember what happened...which isn't good because it was just yesterday! haha But, we had our ward conference and it was really good. The stake presidencies came and since we are with the youth, most of church was actually in English...weird! It was a lot nicer though because we didn't have to translate and have everything said twice. The sisters came up to say goodbye and to bring Hna Giron to the mission office, so I got to spend some time with Hna Jones!!! It was great :) 

Sorry this is kinda long...but things have been great. I love this area, the ward, the work, my companion, and everything about it. I love being on a mission. I have never learned so much about the atonement before in my life, and I love it. The atonement is for us, each one of us. We can choose to accept it, but until we decide to move our feet and take a step forward in faith, we won't be able to see the many blessings and miracles that God has to give us. 
Hermana Jessica Peterson


Elder Fleming! He is heading out to a new area too, but we had a blast this transfer messing around on the piano and singing at the nursing homes. And of course, deep doctrine talks all the time! :) Definitely gonna miss this kid!
Fun pictures from this week! 
This is a super crazy and weird statue, but pretty cool too. It's to pay tribute to this Indian tribe who would shoot arrows in the air before war to show their courage when it landed again next to them and to give encourage their brethren to be ready. 

And, the super pretty sunset every single night! But pictures definitely don't do justice!

Hermana Jessica Peterson

Hna Olson, Hna Baldwin and I at transfer doctrine!! Soo sad Hna Baldwin is leaving! But, it's going to be great for her too :) 
We were trying to visit this inactive on Saturday, and she was outside and right when she saw us, she ran in and shut the door. Yup...awesome. So we went up and knocked anyway, but no one answered. Instead, we walked down the street to take some fun pictures. It's so pretty! 

Part of our crazy zone. They are awesome! We had zone awards during transfer doctrine and mine was the "All American Sports" award. haha Go figure :) I'm pretty rusty, but I love when I have the chance to play for a bit! 

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