Monday, March 31, 2014

Birthdays and Conference

My district on plaid day :)
First off, 

Hope it's a great one for you :) You two are amazing. Amanda, keep up the good work down there in Brazil! And Emily, keep being the loving and incredible girl that you are back home. I love you and miss you tons! 

I'm pretty sure time is going by faster every day. 
This week Hna Giron came back to visit. She has been home for 2 weeks already and it seems like it was yesterday that we were companions, but it's already been about 5-6 months! It was super fun though to see her and to be able to spend some time together. Here is picture of Hna Jones, Michel, and I! It's so weird to see Giron without a tag on! But, it was a great day :) 

I have been thinking a lot about how things happen in our lives for a reason. We meet people for a reason. We have certain experiences and relationships for a reason. And God places us in the road we need to follow so that we can help others to succeed. 

This week we were helping a lot of people to get started on their family history, and it is super exciting! I'm glad to hear about all the work happening back home too! It's such a great opportunity that we have to help those on the other side of the veil. :) We were talking with a family that has recently started coming to church and they are super excited to find their relatives and to find ways to be stronger as a family as they prepare to enter the temple. 

The importance of goals has really get me thinking. Jayden is planning on getting baptized on the 19th, but his dad first needs to prepare for the Melchizedek priesthood. So, they planned a goal to work as a family for this to happen. It's going to take a lot of work and preparation, but we really want to help them towards this goal so that they will be able to progress spiritually and be sealed in the temple. It seems to become more real when we have goals. It's not just something that will happen in the future, it's a real goal that we can achieve soon. It can seem scary, but it's so worth it! 

We had a few very eventful baptisms this weekend too! Saturday, there was an 8-year old girl getting baptized. But, no one actually planned the baptism...until we all showed up at 1145 for it to start at 12. So, the font was filling, she wanted one of the elders to baptize her instead of her dad, so that was interesting. Then, the son ended up playing piano for the opening and closing. I played during the time while they changed clothes and Hna Olson sang. One of the elders gave a talk partially in english and partially in spanish. The mom tried giving a talk in english, but she doesn't really speak it. And, there were people there that only speak and understand spanish, and others that only speak and understand english. So, it was super exciting. haha But, it was great too. Never a dull moment :) 

Sunday's baptisms I think beat that one by far though! The whole thing was planned well, but there has to be something that goes wrong. We went down to Denver and arrived around 430 for the baptism to start. But, the font was full of freezing cold water. Apparently the boiler didn't start while they were filling the font. So, one of the sisters went swimming to pull the plug. That's when we got there. We got the font emptied part-way. Then we turned on the hot water. I started swirling the water around to make sure the bottom wasn't still ice-cold too. Finally we got it a little warmer, but it was still going to be a pretty chilly baptism. The service was beautiful, but as the people were being baptized, one kinda fell backwards. She looked a little nervous and her feet slipped. And, the guy went back so fast that he hit his head on the bottom of the font. Whoops! 
Then while we were in the chapel, they got permission to do the confirmations so that they don't have to wait for 2 weeks until after conference weekend.  During the first one though, someone smelled a gas leak, called 911, and the firemen came to evacuate the building. Yup..during the prayers. But, they stayed, finished the blessings and got everyone out of the building. haha At least those 3 will never forget that day! But, in the middle of all the confusion and crazy things happening, you could see how excited and happy each one of them looked and felt. It was amazing. God really does work in ways we would never imagine.  

This was a fun Family Home Evening we did this week with an hermana that just moved here from Washington and her sister and niece. We were teaching about eternal families and had them pop balloons with the pieces of the family proclamation inside. Super funny! :) 

I hope you can really take a step back and look at your life through God's eyes. The decision to be happy is yours, not anyone else's. We have the opportunity to know that we are His children. As I was listening to the Women's Conference on Saturday, I couldn't help but think about all of the people who don't know that they are children of a Divine Being. We have a special connection and union as members of the church. We serve and support each other. We bring others unto Christ. We work together to have eternal families. What more could we ever want? We have eternal goals that help us know the daily decisions we should make. We serve God and help others do the same. We aren't perfect, but we strive to be everyday. 

I love this gospel, and the opportunity I have to share it with everyone I see. It has changed my life-this gospel, my mission. And it will continue to change me throughout my entire life. 

Thanks for all the love and support and I hope you love Conference this weekend! I know that I am super excited for it! So, get prepared for some spiritual nourishment :) 

Love you all!

Hermana Jessica Peterson

We didn't have any miles this week, so Hna Browning is posing with her "Mommy Bag" that has everything we need for the day. haha 

Hermana Jessica Peterson

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