Monday, March 10, 2014

God is powerful beyond our knowledge

At the temple with Hermana Jones! Our favorite spot for pictures, around back in front of the stained glass window. 
Hey fam!

Crazy week...literally. Satan has a way of working with the weather to make everyone miserable, but good things God is more powerful than that! 

So, last Saturday we went out to pass out flyers to people all around the city with 28 missionaries and a few members. Tons of people bailed because it was freezing cold, and snowing. Then the next week was super nice out, in the 60's, and gorgeous. Friday rolls around, the big day of the open house....and yup, it snows all day long. And, Saturday and Sunday are gorgeous again in the 60's. But, we still had the activity as planned F
riday night! It turned out really great. There weren't a lot of people there, but everyone loved it. We started out in the chapel with everyone and watched "Finding Faith in Christ." After a few technological issues, we finally got it playing. I love watching the miracles that were performed as a part of Christ's life. It is amazing. We toured the church and had little introductions of the church from the auxiliary leaders. At the end, the bishop spoke, a few missionaries bore their testimonies, and it was over. But, the spirit there was incredible. :) It's amazing to see how the Lord works in mysterious ways. A friend came with one of the youth, and by the end of the night, needed to walk out because she was crying so hard. She has an apt with the missionaries today. Our recent converts ran over to the church that night and brought her little brother along and seemed to love it. And, a few really less active families came to support and had the chance to learn all about the gospel too. It was great! 

We finally saw Mary Ann this week. All of our apts fell through one night and we decided to stop by. She wasn't feeling well so hadn't gone to work with the family, so she was actually home! We shared a message, read with her, and found out that she wants to go on a mission! She is just worried about reading in front of people. Good thing we can help with that. Now we just need to get her back to church again with her family. They are awesome, but it's always hard to help people when they don't have any time at all- the whole family works two full-time jobs, all together. But, hopefully we can help them to come back. 

As we seek for God's help, He always guides us. This week, I have been realizing again that I want to use the scriptures more to teach. Sometime we only have a few minutes to stop by somewhere, but we want to find the right words to say. I was studying this morning, and realized that my spanish scriptures are full of random pictures and cards holding the spots of tons of scriptures...none of which I have marked or even use. I'll hear something, stick in a bookmark, and forget. I started marking them again, and found some things that really could help our investigators and members right now. We have all the tools we need to succeed, but we don't always use them. I guess I need to be better at using them now :) 

Ariana is getting baptized next week! She is so cute, and so excited :) She came with her grandma to church yesterday and we asked if we could come see them afterwards. They didn't have time because she was going back to her mom's, so they asked if we could teach her right then. It's definitely different when you plan to teach a full lesson, and you're given the 15 minutes before church starts to teach a lesson and plan out an entire baptism. Good thing God has a magic way of stopping time too! 

In our addiction class yesterday, we were talking about having a change of heart. "When we are truly converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ, our desire to do anything contrary dies" Marion G Romney. It's so true. We will still have the temptations and the images from the past, but we will be free from the desire to do those things against the will of God. He is amazing and can help us through anything. 

I am so grateful for everything that you do for me! I can't even imagine being here and not having the knowledge that my family is for forever. You are amazing! 

Have an amazing week :) Remember, when we have trials to overcome, Pray On (3 Nephi 19:26).
Christ taught to pray and we can make our will in line with Gods. It's powerful, and I never feel like I quite use it to it's full potential. I guess I still have a long way to grow! 

The classic bench shot. haha Hna Jones was taking one, so I guess I had to get my own too!
Hermana Jessica Peterson

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