Monday, March 24, 2014

Every storm ends with a rainbow!

Hey everyone!!!

So, we had a bit of a crazy week. Transfers came and went, and we are staying together which is awesome. We are super excited about everything in our area-the work, the people, the opportunities. I guess we are just excited about everything here. We are working hard to find more people to teach, and as we do that, more members are coming into our area. With a few more families, we are close to starting a small spanish group in the north side of our area, and growing that hopefully to a branch and eventually a ward. Lots of work to do! 

We got to go to the temple on Wednesday and it was incredible. I always love the feeling that I have as I sit and listen to the things taught and explained there. There is no way to compare the feelings I receive. Then, being able to just sit and think about everything going on in my life, thinking about my mission, about my life, school, family. I can't help but see how blessed I really am! I have the best family I could ever ask for. I have opportunities to serve the Lord and others every day. And, I have the greatest blessing of all in my life- the gospel of Jesus Christ. I wouldn't give it up for anything. My family is eternal, and I know without a doubt that I will be with them forever. It's what keeps me going each day. Through the ups and downs, I know that something better will always come. Now is the time of polishing and perfecting :) 

We started working with a less-active on family history this week, and he is soooo excited about it. He is working right now with the bishop to come back to church fully, receive the priesthood, and be able to enter the temple. It's super exciting! And, when we stated talking to him about family history, he is taking it as a game and a huge challenge that he wants to do and show his family all about it! So, we will see what he has started this week! He met us at the family history center here Saturday morning and we got him set up with some instructions on how to get started with one of the specialists. It was super exciting! The work is so true and vital on both sides of the veil. :)

Sunday we didn't have miles to really drive, because everything is so far away from where we live. So, we got a ride from the family we live with to church. We had about 5 minutes from the time we asked them for a ride to the time they were planning on leaving for church...I guess next time we will ask the night before. He is the branch president, so they had some extra meetings super early. Luckily everything was pretty much ready, but when we got to church, we realized that we forgot the baptismal program for Ariana! She was getting baptized, and we had left it in the car so we wouldn't forget it. haha Perfect. Luckily, the wife was still home and her ride was a little late picking her up, so she grabbed it and brought it to church for us! Miracles from God! 

We had the baptism after church on Sunday and it was great. We made sure the font was ready before sacrament started, and everyone went over. They had people bring cake and nachos for after, invited their family to be there, and all we had to worry about was playing piano :) It was perfect. 

I loved our addiction class last night too! It was focused on forgiving yourself for the wrongs you have done in the past. I really do think the name of the group should change to be "how to apply the atonement in your life" but, that's alright. I'm just glad I have the chance to go every week! But, it got me thinking a lot about how important it is to learn from the past, remember the experience for how we changed, and then forget about the feelings and thoughts that went with it. My mission prep teacher at BYU used to always tell us, that when we had thoughts or images pop into our head, we should say out loud, " Thanks Satan for reminding me how powerful and real the atonement is in my life." Then we think about how we have changed and those images don't have any control over us anymore. 

Sorry this is really scatter-brained today. I'm kinda freaking out because I'm trying to sign up for classes and have no idea what to do! haha So, I would love some ideas. I might change majors...but I'm not even sure the school will let me at this point. Oh well, life goes on! And, who knows what I would change to...yup. Great. haha

Well, keep your head up, and get prepared for General Conference! It's coming up just around the corner!!! Woohoo! :) Loving it! 

Hermana Jessica Peterson

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